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Saturday, March 17, 2007

SXSW: Day Three | 03/16

Evan Jacobs (Tacks, The Boy Disaster) + Okkervil River + Beirut

Finally back in Houston and currently uploading all the photos on my flickr, will give you the links when they're done. I will get around to that day four post soon enough. Alright.

Been discovering Austin's hidden gems: their coffeeshops and restaurants are one-of-a-kind. Eating brunch this morning at the South Congress Cafe was so nice and a good start of a rather long day. We managed to find the way to Progress Coffee in time for their Solo Sets: Lead Singers taking a break from the stage, to start.

Evan Jacobs is part of the four piece Austin band, Tacks, The Boy Disaster and flushed out "Paris", "Forget-Me-Not", "Queen Of The Fishermen" and a couple others on the guitar and on the keyboard. You may recognize him for he is also the keyboardist of The Polyphonic Spree! It's always interesting see how an artist interprets a song you've known for awhile with only one instrument. The bill was filled with other worthy Austin musicians all in the Tonewheel Collective group though we had to early to catch the KEXP's event. Catch Tacks, The Boy Disaster playing at The Octane [ 201 2nd St. ] at 9PM tonight.

Download + Purchase:

Matilda | Tacks, The Boy Disaster


>>> Tacks, The Boy Disaster's Official Site
<<< Tacks, The Boy Disaster's MySpace
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<<< Purchase Oh, Beatrice EP

Okkervil River was on Chicago radio station KEXP's Southby event at the ACL studio that is located in UT's Communications building. You can download their live recorded performance in its entirety for free here! The dark narratives of "For Real", "The President Is Dead" and "Westfall" were included in their setlist, along with a couple new songs off their new album now due out tentatively in August. Will Sheff's always full of energy, jumping at the climactic times and going around the stage when he could get away from the mic.

Download + Purchase:

Westfall | Okkervil River


>>> Okkervil River's Official Site
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>>> Purchase Black Sheep Boy + other albums
<<< More photos of Okkervil River's set

Another band played at KEXP's Southby event, who filled up the 300 seating venue till it overflowed with people standing inches from the stage would be right if you guessed Beirut. Nothing draws a bigger crowd than the leader of it all, Zach Condon along with his troupe of multi-instrumentalists. There were so many instruments, I want to say 30 some odds and ends laid out beside the mic stands and their feet ready to be picked up and played on one song or another. Beirut remained humble and thankful to the crowd that filled the studio seats, floor area and anywhere there was a place for a pair of feet to tip-toe.

The set included "After The Curtain", "The Gulag Orkestar", "Elephant Gun", "Scenic World", "Carousel", "Postcards From Italy" and many more rounding it to a 50 some minute set, you can also download the entire performance for free here. There's one part I'm not sure if they'll cut it out, but Zach Condon kept emptying his spit valve from his trumpet in between songs and there's a long pause of silence and scattered giggling. Then he says something along the lines of, "for people who are listening, that was me emptying my spit valve for 2 minutes,".

It's really strange and also understandable how alluring their music is yet it is totally different from the majority of bands today. I stood next to a few people who didn't look like they were in middle school and yet they knew a lot of the words to Beirut's' songs and I thought I was young! Of course, there it is, the proof that no one can turn away from Beirut.

Download + Purchase:

Elephant Gun | Beirut


>>> Beirut's Official Site
<<< Beirut's MySpace
>>> Purchase Gulag Orkestra
<<< Purchase Lon Gisland EP
>>> More photos of Beirut's set


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