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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SXSW: Day One | 03/14

Sparrow House + Teitur + Peter and the Wolf + Midlake

Anne here in Austin for SXSW doing that little experiment called going wristband/badge-less. So we actually got to see everyone on our list except for Loney, Dear and Headlights and discovered a new love, Teitur. I will not complain about the short sets, since I didn't have to pay for anything today. Though it hints that you should arrive early to get a good spot to make those 17 minutes worth it. If someone on here perks your interest, we'll tell you if he/she/they are playing other SXSW events, public and the ones that require wristbands/badges.

First up, we saw Sparrow House at Mohawk for the Gothamist, Gorilla vs. Bear, and Austinist sponsored party. He played four songs two of them were new probably off his upcoming EP, Television Snow. In between the two new songs, he sneaked in crowd favorite "When I Am Gone" and also "You Sang Along". Seems like he's going to be sticking with the new lyrics for "When I Am Gone", differing from the original version on the Falls EP, which you can purchase here. Jared Van Fleet of Sparrow House will be at Progress Coffee on Friday set to play at 2PM, with fellow talented Austinites in the Tonewheel Collective group: Bill Baird of Sunset (SOUND Team), Evan Jacobs (Tacks, the Boy Disaster), Red Hunter (Peter & the Wolf) and many more! For more photos of Sparrow House's set go here.

***Sorry all the tonewheel collective show at progress coffee is actually on Friday, I really hope no one read this and went there today! I am so sorry!!! Thank you so much to whoever caught my mistake!***

Download + Purchase:

You Sang Along | Sparrow House

>>> Sparrow House's Official Site
<<< Sparrow House's MySpace
>>> Info on Progress Coffee show
<<< Buy Falls EP
>>> More photos of Sparrow House's set

Then Teitur came on, a one man band, who calls Denmark's Faroe Islands home and plays sweet narrative acoustic songs like "I Run The Carousel" and throws in a little nostalgia with a reminiscent song of his childhood friend, "Josephine". Teitur Lassen is a very energetic performer, leaning back and forth into the mic and strumming the guitar vigorously and not afraid to make a few political jokes at Texas Mayor Rick Perry or saying something along the lines of "Oh only seven minutes left, I guess I'll have to get into my romantic mood now..." His 2006 release, Stay Under The Stars is on sale if you catch him on Friday on the 18th floor at the Hilton Garden Inn sharing a stage with Dana Falconberry, Josh Pyke and many more.

Download + Purchase:

Don't Want You To Wake Up | Teitur


>>> Teitur's Official Site
<<< Teitur's MySpace
>>> Purchase Stay Under The Stars
<<< Info on the showcase at Hilton Garden Inn
>>> More photos of Teitur's set

Ah, Peter and the Wolf. Nine people were crowded onto the small inside stage at Mohawk, accompanying Red Hunter. I am so grateful I was one of the luckier ones up front, the place was filled to the brim! The set was crazy, of course in a good way, Red Hunter the leader of his junk orchestra pulled out two odd-looking instruments that looked impossible for anyone to play, but he is definitely a talented multi-instrumentalist, Sufjan move over.

He also relied on his duct-taped, now painted black guitar to ease out his music. The chorus of backing vocals of "ooohs" was so nice, almost like it sounds on the album, Lightness. The set included, "Strange Machines", "Safe Travels", "The Fall" and a few more, which I can't remember. He's so comfortable with the mic, just making strange noises and really enjoying playing his music. It's amazing how a 17 minute set can re-energize and mesmerize a crowd! Look below, he's playing a slew of shows, so that gives you Austinites and SXSW attendees no excuse to miss one!

Download + Purchase:

Safe Travels | Peter and the Wolf


>>> Peter and the Wolf's Official Site
<<< Peter and the Wolf's MySpace
>>> Purchase Lightness
<<< Info on Gorilla VS. Booze's show
>>> Info on Progress Coffee show
<<< Info on SXSW SESAC showcase
>>> Info on Asthamtic Kitty & friends show
<<< More photos of Peter and the Wolf's set

We basically waited about an hour and a half for two burgers at some place on Red River, which was absolutely frustrating and quite the challenge to run to Momo's for the NX35 Denton Music Party hoping that Midlake didn't start just yet. Thankfully we were safe and Momo's wasn't too far away, when we came in Robert Gomez was just finishing his last song when we got there. It's still so hard to grasp that I didn't have to pay for tickets to see anyone today! Sure Midlake took a long time to set up, but that didn't matter when they started playing.

They have a great stage presence, not so much crowd interaction, but just this really focused and passionate atmosphere appears when they're playing. Really humble guys too and all in all amazing performance getting the crowd all cheering and happy. They played the ever-loved "Roscoe", "Young Bride", closing with the amazing "Head Home" with Eric Pulido's surprise guitar improvisation at the end. They make me wish I lived in Denton and listen to "Roscoe" all day on repeat.

They'll be having another free all-ages show at Yard Dog Gallery joining Bishop Allen, Benjy Ferree and more for Schuba's 11th Annual Round-up!

Download + Purchase:

Young Bride | Midlake


>>> Midlake's Official Site
<<< Midlake's MySpace
<<< Buy The Trials of Van Occupanther
>>> Info on Yard Dog Gallery show
<<< Info on SXSW Bella Union showcase
>>> More photos of Midlake's set



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The Tonewheel show at Progress is on Friday, not Thursday.

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