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Monday, January 22, 2007

3 minute entry : Dana Falconberry

I like it when a musician makes music stripped down to the bones. Meaning that raw sound I really look for where all you can hear is the musician's vocals and whatever instrument they're using. It's the reason why my ears noticed Dana Falconberry, also because she has worked with Camera Crowd favourite, Red Hunter a.k.a Peter and the Wolf but I'll get to that later.

Dana Falconberry, another product of good 'ol Austin, Tx, who's producing good talent like a canoodling rabbit. According to Ms. Falconberry, "We looked for the balance between me sitting alone in my apartment at four AM and the sound of a polished studio recording..." And that's exactly what you get with the Paper Sailboat EP. Track after track of Paper Sailboat EP has that raw acoustic sound I told you about and at the same time it sounds clean and polished. My favourite track on the EP is Paper Sailboat, the lyrics are so simple yet they usher in these familiar images in our head. And my favourite part of the song,

" If i could I would make time go backwards
the river would run upstream
and everything I've lost would come back floating"

I know they're just plain words here, but when you listen to Dana Falconberry singing them, it triggers some childhood memories of yours. As I mentioned earlier, she has worked with Red Hunter, and at Gorillavs.Bear, there's a live session of Red and Dana playing in a Saab. You have to check that out!

Paper Sailboat EP

1. My Sweetheart, My Dear
2. Leave in the Middle of the Night
3. Paper Sailboat
4. Sophie
5. Old Red Hat
6. Sadie

Purchase the CD here

Also available on iTunes

Paper Sailboat | Dana Falconberry


Gorilla vs. Bear Live Session


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